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Link to Issue PDF[edit]

WorldRadioHistory.com's scan of Australasian Radio World - Vol. 02 No. 03 - July 1937 has been utilised to create the partial content for this page and can be downloaded at this link to further extend the content and enable further text correction of this issue: ARW 1937 07

In general, only content which is required for other articles in this Wikibook has been entered here and text corrected. The material has been extensively used, inter alia, for compilation of biographical articles, radio club articles and station articles.

Front Cover[edit]

The Australasian Radio World

JULY 1, 1937; Vol. 2 - No. 3; Price, 1/-

Registered at the G.P.O., Sydney, for transmission by post as a periodical

Cover Photo: Photo of Amateur Communications Eight (See Page 3)

Highlighted Contents: Eight-Valve Amateur Communications Receiver: Jones' "Super-Gainer": Wiring the "1937 Eaglet All-Wave Two": Designing Vibrator "B" Eliminators: Shortwave DX Contest

Inside Front Cover - Ever Ready Co. Ad[edit]

P.01 - EFCO Manufacturing Co. Ad[edit]

P.02 - Editorial Notes[edit]

Editorial Notes . . .

Two cases recently reported of "gyp" radio service practices indicate the urgent need there is in this country for government licensing of servicemen. No doubt typical of thousands of similar instances, these two illustrate the necessity for protection, not only for the legitimate serviceman as well as the set-owning public, but also for reputable radio manufacturers, whose reputations must suffer considerably at the hands of the part-time "voltmeter and pliers" mechanics who attempt to service their receivers. The first case concerns a set-owner who, when asked if his receiver used an earth, replied that a serviceman had fitted one some time previously. Investigation showed there WAS an earth lead, but it was attached to the iron grating of a nearby fireplace! In the second instance, a so-called serviceman had attempted to repair a defective wet electrolytic by filling it with water. Both cases seem so ridiculous that it is difficult to believe them true, but they are vouched for by the serviceman subsequently called in by the set-owners concerned. As well, they are not isolated instances; no doubt every serviceman practising anywhere in Australia to-day could recall similar experiences. To-day, anyone knowing the difference between a resistor and condenser, and finding himself out of a job, can hang out a shingle and become a radio serviceman. Whether he stays in business long or not is beside the point; while he IS in he can do the servicing profession a tremendous amount of harm. And servicing IS a profession; one that needs years of specialised training and constant study if it is to be followed successfully. In New Zealand to-day, the "gyp" serviceman is rapidly being forced out of business by the licensing system adopted some years ago. The electrical regulations as applied to radio have been tightened up considerably, so that now a salesman not holding a service ticket is not even permitted, under penalty of heavy fine, to change a power plug. And with the serviceman's licence came the serviceman's award. Today the award wage, which has been steadily mounting during the past few years, stands at £5/16/- per week. No further arguments should be needed to convince servicemen in this country that, in both their own interests and those of the public they serve, licensing is urgently needed.

P.02 - Contents Banner[edit]

The Australasian Radio World

Incorporating the

All-Wave All-World DX News

Managing Editor - A. Earl Read, B.Sc.

Vol. 2. - JULY, 1937 - No. 3.

P.02 - Contents[edit]


The Amateur Communications Eight . . . . 3

Radio Ramblings . . . . 10

New Radio Installations Regulations . . . . 15

The Jones' Super-Gainer Two . . . . 16

25 Years In Amateur Radio (3) . . . . 18

"Radio Aid" Explorers Track Down Noise . . . . 21

Designing Vibrator Type "B" Eliminators . . . . 22

Assembling And Wiring The 1937 Eaglet All-Wave Three . . . . 26

Radio Step By Step (10) . . . . 27

The A.T.R.S. Bulletin . . . . 28

Breaking Into The Amateur Game (6) . . . . 30

What's New In Radio . . . . 34

The All-Wave All-World DX News . . . . 37

Trans-Pacific DX On 10 Metres . . . . 38

Erecting 45-Foot Masts . . . . 40

Shortwave Review . . . . 41

DX News And Views . . . . 44

Climbing 6ME's 400-Foot Mast . . . . 48

P.02 - Publication Notes[edit]

The "Australasian Radio World" is published monthly by Trade Publications Proprietary, Ltd. Editorial offices, 214 George Street, Sydney, N.S.W. Telephone BW6577. Cable address: "Repress," Sydney. Advertisers please note that copy should reach office of publication by 15th of month preceding that specified for insertion.

Subscription rates: 1/- per copy, 10/6 per year ( 12 issues) post free to Australia and New Zealand. Subscribers in New Zealand can remit by Postal Note or Money Order.

Printed by Bridge Printery Pty. Ltd., 214 George Street, Sydney, N.S.W., for the proprietors of the "Australasian Radio World," 214 George St., Sydney (Footnote P.48)

P.03 - The Amateur Communications Eight[edit]

P.10 - Radio Ramblings[edit]

P.15 - New Radio Installations Regulations[edit]

P.16 - The Jones' Super-Gainer Two[edit]

P.18 - 25 Years In Amateur Radio (3)[edit]

P.21 - "Radio Aid" Explorers Track Down Noise[edit]

P.22 - Designing Vibrator Type "B" Eliminators[edit]

P.26 - Assembling And Wiring The 1937 Eaglet All- Wave Three[edit]

P.27 - Radio Step By Step (10)[edit]

P.28 - The A.T.R.S. Bulletin[edit]

P.30 - Breaking Into The Amateur Game (6)[edit]

P.34 - What's New In Radio[edit]

P.37 - The All- Wave All- World DX News[edit]

P.38 - Trans-Pacific DX On 10 Metres[edit]

P.40 - Erecting 45-Foot Masts[edit]

P.41 - Shortwave Review[edit]

P.44 - DX News And Views[edit]

P.48 - Climbing 6ME's 400-Foot Mast[edit]