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Link to Issue PDF[edit]

WorldRadioHistory.com's scan of Australasian Radio World - Vol. 02 No. 02 - June 1937 has been utilised to create the partial content for this page and can be downloaded at this link to further extend the content and enable further text correction of this issue: ARW 1937 06

In general, only content which is required for other articles in this Wikibook has been entered here and text corrected. The material has been extensively used, inter alia, for compilation of biographical articles, radio club articles and station articles.

Front Cover[edit]

The Australasian Radio World

JUNE 1, 1937; Vol. 2 - No. 2; Price, 1/-

Registered at the G.P.O., Sydney, for transmission by post as a periodical

Cover Photo: Photo of Amalgamated Wireless Valve Co.'s display at WIA Exhibition (See Page 7)

Highlighted Contents: Amateur Communications Receiver: "1937 Eaglet All-Wave Two": Wiring the "Empire All-Wave Three": New Section for Shortwave DXers: World Shortwave Station List.

Inside Front Cover - Ever Ready Co. Ad[edit]

P.01 - Vealls Radio & Electrical Ad[edit]

P.02 - Editorial Notes[edit]

Editorial Notes . . .

At the 1937 Amateur and Shortwave Radio Exhibition held in Sydney last month, the man on the street was given an opportunity of learning something of the hobby of amateur radio. Certainly the casual visitor must have been greatly impressed by the tremendous amount of time, money and ingenuity that had obviously been expended on the design and construction of most of the equipment displayed. In all, there must have been several thousands of pounds worth of home-built amateur gear on show, ranging from wavemeters and one-valve receivers to cathode ray oscillographs, elaborate transmitters and multi-valve amateur communication type superhets. Taken all round, this year's show was the most successful yet held, and the organisers are to be congratulated on their efforts. This annual radio exhibition run by and for amateurs is a comparatively new innovation. Prior to 1936, the amateur exhibition was not a separate affair at all, but comprised merely a small section of the exhibition arranged annually by the radio and electrical trades in Sydney. Last year the Council of the Wireless Institute of Australia (N.S.W. Division) decided to stage its own show, and this proved so successful that this year a decision was made to take the Lower Town Hall for the occasion. This meant a fairly heavy outlay, and so the backing of that section of the radio trade that specialises in catering for amateur requirements was sought. It was so enthusiastically given that when the show opened, nearly 40 stands were occupied, and the financial success of the venture was assured. Last year's exhibition was in the nature of a feeler to determine public and trade reaction, and with its success confirmed by that of the latest show, it is now evident that an amateur exhibition will be a regular annual event in the Sydney radio world.

P.02 - Contents Banner[edit]

The Australasian Radio World

Incorporating the

All-Wave All-World DX News

Managing Editor: A. Earl Read, B.Sc.

Vol. 2. - June, 1937 - No. 2.

P.02 - Contents[edit]


The Eaglet All- Wave Two . . . . 3

Communications Type Superhet For Amateurs . . . . 6

Radio Ramblings . . . . 10

Assembling And Wiring The 1937 Empire All-Wave Three . . . . 14

25 Years In Amateur Radio (2) . . . . 18

World Shortwave Stations . . . . 21

Breaking Into the Amateur Game (5) . . . . 29

Across The Atlantic On Five Metres . . . . 32

Radio Step By Step . . . . 34

What's New In Radio . . . . 35

All-Wave All-World DX Club — New Members . . . . 37

The A.T.R.S. Bulletin . . . . 38

Eliminating Man-Made Static . . . . 38

Locating And Curing Hum . . . . 39

The All-Wave All-World DX News . . . . 41

Shortwave Review . . . . 42

DX News And Views . . . . 45

VK Amateur Stations — Additions And Amendments . . . . 47

P.02 - Publication Notes[edit]

The "Australasian Radio World" is published monthly by Trade Publications Proprietary, Ltd. Editorial offices, 214 George Street, Sydney, N.S.W. Telephone BW6577. Cable address: "Repress," Sydney. Advertisers please note that copy should reach office of publication by 15th of month preceding that specified for insertion.

Subscription rates: 1/- per copy, 10/6 per year ( 12 issues) post free to Australia and New Zealand. Subscribers in New Zealand can remit by Postal Note or Money Order.

Printed by Bridge Printery Pty. Ltd., 214 George Street, Sydney, N.S.W., for the proprietors of the "Australasian Radio World," 214 George St., Sydney (Footnote P.48)

P.03 - The Eaglet All-Wave Two 3[edit]

P.06 - Communications Type Superhet For Amateurs[edit]

P.10 - Radio Ramblings[edit]

P.14 - Assembling And Wiring The 1937 Empire All-Wave Three[edit]

P.18 - 25 Years In Amateur Radio (2)[edit]

P.21 - World Shortwave Stations[edit]

P.29 - Breaking Into the Amateur Game (5)[edit]

P.32 - Across The Atlantic On Five Metres[edit]

P.34 - Radio Step By Step[edit]

P.35 - What's New In Radio[edit]

P.37 - All- Wave All- World DX Club —New Members[edit]

P.38 - The A.T.R.S. Bulletin[edit]

P.38 - Eliminating Man-Made Static[edit]

P.39 - Locating And Curing Hum[edit]

P.41 - The All-Wave All-World DX News[edit]

P.42 - Shortwave Review[edit]

P.45 - DX News And Views[edit]

P.47 - VK Amateur Stations — Additions And Amendments[edit]