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Peter Robert Challen[edit | edit source]

Frank Randell Bradley was an early wireless experimenter, holding callsign 3ZK Sandringham (later A3ZK, OA3ZK, VK3ZK) from as early as 1923, through to 1930. The Wireless Regulations were altered in 1924, requiring examinations in telegraphy skills and wireless reception and transmission theory. While his position within the Postmaster-General's Department would likely have permitted an exemption, he took the examination and was awarded Amateur Operator's Proficiency Certificate No 2, being the first in Victoria. He relocated to Sydney for his employment from 1931 and in accordance with the regulations of the day, was allocated callsign 2JB (VK2JB). He does not seem to have been prominent in amateur radio circles during the 1920s and 1930s, but this requires further research. Amateur radio operations were closed down in 1939 with the commencement of hostilities for the Second World War. At the conclusion of the war, after a period, amateur radio again commenced, however Bradley did not reapply for a licence.

Bradley was born in South Australia and was educated there at the School of Mines and the University of Adelaide. He excelled academically with strong results in all subjects. He commenced with the Postmaster-General's Department in the usual way as a telegraph messenger. He transferred to Melbourne about 1920 for promotion within the PMGD, concluding there in 1930 as Superintendent of Telegraphs. Another transfer to Sydney occurred in 1931 for a further promotion within the PMGD. In 1946 he transferred to Brisbane as Deputy Director of Posts and Telegraphs, Queensland, a position formerly held by James Joseph Malone.

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