History of wireless telegraphy and broadcasting in Australia/Topical/Biographies/Marcus John Gordon Brims

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Marcus John Gordon Brims was one of only a handful of amateur operators licensed in Queensland in the few years prior to World War 1. His station callsign was XQA (X=Experimental, Q=Queensland, A=1st sequentially allocated) and he operated from Mareeba, Queensland. He experimented locally with his brother William and friend Andy Couper (then unlicensed, later 4BW). Marcus did not continue with his hobby after WW1 but focused on the family timber and plywood business interests. Marcus' main claim to fame is that his transmitting and receiving station, lodged with the local post office at the outbreak of hostilities, was preserved and now is a feature of the Mareeba museum. A summary biography has not yet been prepared however the following resources have been assembled in preparation: