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History of video games/Platforms/Mega Duck

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History[edit | edit source]

Made in Hong Kong, the Mega Duck was released in 1993.[1]

A toy laptop version of the Mega Duck was released, containing both a normal keyboard and a music keyboard, a mouse, and a printer predating the GameBoy Printer.[2]

Technology[edit | edit source]

Compute[edit | edit source]

These Mega Duck is powered by an 8-bit MOS Z80 CPU clocked at 4.19 megahertz.[3][4][5] This was a common choice at the time, and is similar to the CPU used in the original Game Boy.

The console has 16 kilobytes of RAM.[4]

Hardware[edit | edit source]

The console has a four shade monochrome LCD with a resolution of 160 by 144 pixels.[4]

The console has a six pin link port for connecting to another console over a link cable.[3]

The console is powered either by four AA batteries or a 6V DC from an AC adapter.[3]

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