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The Pioneer LaserActive was a LaserDisk based multimedia entertainment device with game console capabilities that was released on August 20th, 1993 at a cost of $970.[1] Unlike most multimedia platforms at the time, the LaserActive primarily played games released for other systems through PAC expansion modules, which contained a LaserActive compatible version of that console.

The Sega PAC add on was released in 1993 for $600 and allowed the LaserActive to play Genesis games.[2]

Another PAC was released to play NEC CD-ROM2 games.[1] However it was not compatible with the Arcade Card Pro.[3]


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Not much information is known about the technology used by the Pioneer LaserActive itself, with most accounts focusing on the capabilities of individual PACs, which are themselves very close in capabilities to the systems they are based on.


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31 games were released for the LaserActive.[1] Games for the LaserActive are not region locked.[4]

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