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E3 2003, the event where DISCover was introduced.

DISC was based in Long Beach, California.[1]

DISCover was introduced at E3 2003.[2] The system was again featured at E3 2004.[3]

The ApeXtreme console was supposed to support DISCover technology, but it dropped by 2005.[4]

A partnership between Digital Interactive Systems and Alienware was announced.[5] In 2005 two Alienware media center computers including the DHS 5 were released supporting DISCover.[2][6]


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DISCover was a system designed to allow traditional PC games to be easily played in a console setting.[7]

DISCover was a combination of a BIOS chip running DISCover software and a script database to optimize the running of certain games in a console setting, as well as to automatically update and patch games.[8]

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