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History of video games/Platforms/C64 Mini

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Retro Games Ltd. developed the system, announcing it in September of 2017.[1]

The C64 Mini was released in 2018.[2] The system had a European release on March 29th, 2018.[2] The official US and Canadian release date was October 9th, 2018.[2] The system cost $69.99 United States Dollars.[1]


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The system has two host USB ports.[3] The system is powered through a separate micro-USB port.[4]

The system has an HDMI port for audio and video output.[5] The system outputs video at a resolution of 720p.[6]

The aesthetic "keyboard" on the the console has no movable keys and it is non-functional.[7]


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The system supported either an virtual on screen keyboard or a USB keyboard.[8]


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