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The Atari XE Game System at the Helsinki Computer and Game Console Museum.

The Atari XEGS was released in 1987 at a cost of around $199.[1][2]

At launch the XEGS often sold out, attracting users who were intimidated by the 8-bit computes the XEGS was based on.[3] All 100,000 units manufactured at the time had sold during the US Christmas 1987 season.[4] However Nintendo and Sega were already vastly ahead in the market and were spending millions on marketing, while Atari only spent $300,000 on marketing the XEGS.[5]


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The Atari XEGS is essentially an Atari 65XE computer.[2][1]

The XEGS uses the 8 bit Atari 6502c CPU, a custom version of the MOS Technology 6502 clocked at 1.79 MHz.[6]

The system has 64 kilobytes of RAM and 16 kilobytes of VRAM.[6]

Notable games

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See the List of Atari XEGS games on Wikipedia.

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