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History of video games/Platforms/Apple Watch

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In 2014 the Apple Watch was announced,[1] launching later in 2015.[2]

Role in gaming history

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While gaming was never a focus for the device, some tenacious game developers sought to make their mark on the platform,[3] with some early developers anticipating a boom in the smartwatch gaming market similar to the smartphone gaming market.[4]

Some game developers saw a different utility for the Apple Watch, instead using it as a second display for mobile phone games with companion apps.[5]

Notable Games

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Watch Quest!

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Watch Quest was an entry related to the Shantae Series developed exclusively for the Apple Watch.[6][7]

Cosmos Rings

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Cosmos Rings was a minimalist role playing game made by Square Enix exclusively for the Apple Watch.[8]

Pocket Bandit

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Safe cracking game, making use of the watch crown as a control method.[9][10]


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