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History of video games/Platforms/Amiga CD32

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History[edit | edit source]

The Amiga CD32 logotype.

The Amiga CD32 was preceded by the unsuccessful Commodore CDTV.

The Amiga CD32 was launched in 1993.[1] The CD32 sold decently at launch.[2] The CD32 was met with cautious optimism and skepticism of a future for the system by some reviewers at launch.[3][4]

The system was unable to be launched in the USA due to a legal issue,[5] which further reduced the ability of the CD32 to gain a significant marketshare.

The production of the Amiga CD32 was cut short in April 1994 when Commodore went bankrupt.[1]

Technology[edit | edit source]

Compute[edit | edit source]

The Amiga CD32 is based on the Amiga 1200, and uses a Motorola 68020 CPU and 2 megabytes of RAM.[6] The CPU is clocked at 14.18 megahertz in PAL regions, and 14.32 megahertz in NTSC regions.[7]

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