Healthy eating habits/Healthy Eating for Healthy Living (elderly/basic literacy level)

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Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight for over 50’s

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Basic Food Guide

Use this healthy eating guide to kick start healthy eating that helps you achieve a healthy weight.

Body Weight

Healthy Eating

The Different Food Elements

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How many serves of each food group am I getting per day?

Use the 'Helping Hands' seen below as a guide to work out how many servings of each food group you are having per day. Compare how much you are having to the recommended number of servings below (choose the recommendation that matches your age and gender). Are you getting enough of each food group per day?

How many serves of each food group should I be having every day?

Select the image below that matches your age and gender. This shows you how many serves of each food group you should be having a day.

Tips to get started

For more easy to understand information, visit:[1][2]


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