Handbook of Management Scales/Integrity

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Integrity (alpha = 0.87/0.85)[edit]


Three facets of trustworthiness were measured based on scales designed by Mayer/Davis (1999) to assess the ability, benevolence, and integrity of a supervisor. The Likert-type scale ranged from 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree).


Integrity reflects an adherence to a set of acceptable principles or a set of shared values.


  • My supervisor has a strong sense of justice. (Omitted from analysis)
  • I never have to wonder whether my supervisor will stick to his/her word.
  • My supervisor tries hard to be fair in dealing with others. (Omitted from analysis)
  • My supervisor’s actions and behaviors are not very consistent.
  • I like my supervisor’s values.
  • Sound principles seem to guide my supervisor’s behaviors.

Two items were omitted from the original scale as they were related to fairness.



The loading of one item (My supervisor’s actions and behaviors are not very consistent) was low.

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