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Consensus on appropriation (alpha = 0.85)[edit]


The research note develops a consensus on appropriation (COA) instrument in the context of electronic meeting systems use. Initial item development, statistical analyses, and validity assessment (convergent, discriminant, and nomological) were conducted.


Consensus on appropriation (COA) is the extent to which group participants perceive that they have agreed on how to adopt and use a technology.


  • Our group members were able to reach consensus on how to apply the EMS to our task.
  • Overall, members of our group agreed on how we should use the EMS for our work.
  • There was no conflict in our group regarding how we should incorporate the EMS into our work.
  • Our group reached mutual understanding on how we should use the EMS to perform our task.
  • Our group was able to reach consensus on how we should use the EMS to perform our task.

The items were measured on seven-point Likert scales anchored by the following: strongly disagree, quite, slightly, neither, slightly, quite, strongly agree.


  • Salisbury et al. (2002): Research Report: Better Theory Through Measurement - Developing a Scale to Capture Consensus on Appropriation. Information Systems Research, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 91-103.


Allport and Kerler (2003) have published A Research Note Regarding the Development of the Consensus on Appropriation Scale. They suggest an opportunity to further refine the measurement of this construct.

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