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Character from Tolkien's Legendarium
Meriadoc Brandybuck
Other names Merry, Holdwine, Kalimac Brandagamba
Titles Master of Buckland, Master Holdwine of Rohan
Race Hobbit
Culture Hobbit, Shire-hobbit, Bucklander
Date of birth 2982, Third Age
Date of death 64, Fourth Age
Realm Eriador

Meriadoc Brandybuck, usually referred to as Merry, is featured throughout The Lord of the Rings, and was part of The Fellowship of the Ring.

Merry, a Hobbit, was born in the year 2982 of the Third Age.

A lover of boats and maps, Merry is described as one of Frodo's closest friends and is related to him several times over.

Merry accompanied Frodo on the Quest of Mount Doom. Captured by Orcs with his friend, Peregrin Took, they were separated from the rest of The Fellowship of the Ring, but escaped and became the first mortals for centuries to encounter the Ents of Fangorn Forest. Merry was present at the destruction of Isengard, and rode to the Battle of the Pelennor with the Rohirrim. There, he won great renown, for with Éowyn of Rohan he defeated and slew the Lord of the Nazgûl.


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