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Learning about culture gives you ...

  • a competitive edge
  • the cognition to be a better mentor
  • a knowledge of other people's backgrounds
  • a chance to focus on people as individuals
  • information in a non-intimidated way
  • an understanding that even in a group that appears the same there can be differences
  • an ability to remove obstacles and barriers that block us from our full personal potential
  • techniques for gaining insight
  • a chance to be an advocate for fresh ideas
  • the tools to make your school or work place an environment of value
  • an opportunity for new friendships
  • a reason not to quickly judge others
  • a purpose to cherish your own culture
  • an awareness that diversity is about differences and similarities

Definition of Culture

²Culture represents the ways and means by which human beings deal with universal human situations and problems, beliefs, and behaviors in a given social group.

Surface Culture

  • Foods
  • Holidays
  • Arts
  • Folklore
  • Dress

Hidden Culture

  • Ceremony
  • Courtships and Marriage
  • Aesthetics
  • Family and Friends
  • Health and Medicine
  • Myths and superstitions
  • Gestures and non-verbal communication
  • Personal behavior and appearance
  • Ownership
  • Manners
  • Rewards and privileges and gift giving
  • Rights and duties¬≤
  • Religion
  • Gender roles
  • Space and proxemics
  • Money
  • Taboos
  • Time
  • Values and Mores
  • Humor

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