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German for tourists

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Welcome to German for Tourists wikibook.

This wikibook is aimed at teaching the basics of German to travellers visiting Germany who do not know the language. It consists of seven chapters that contain the most useful expressions with the correct pronunciation.

Table of contents[edit]

Part 1 First Contacts[edit]

  1. Vocabulary 1

Part 2 Shopping[edit]

  1. Vocabulary 2

Part 3 Eating in a Restaurant[edit]

  1. Vocabulary 3

Part 4 Directions and Transportation[edit]

  1. Vocabulary 4

Part 5 In a Hotel[edit]

  1. Vocabulary 5

Part 6 Important Signs[edit]

  1. Vocabulary 6

Part 7 Emergency Vocabulary[edit]

  1. Vocabulary 7

Part 8 Pronouncing German Place Names[edit]

Part 9 General Rules of German Pronuncation[edit]

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