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Before you get started learning Georgian, you'll need to learn the Georgian alphabet. While it's possible to write Georgian in Latin characters, and we will provide transliterations in our appendices and first lessons, if you want to go read and write Georgian, you'll need to learn the alphabet. Which means you will need to install a Georgian font and keyboard on your computer.

Keyboard Layout

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This is the Georgian QWERTY keyboard. Note that while Georgian has no capital letters, because Georgian has 33 letters and English has only 26, using the "shift" key is necessary to type Georgian.

There is also a Georgian AZERTY keyboard layout which uses the deprecated asomtavruli alphabet as capitals, however as most Georgians do not follow this convention, it is not something you need to particularly worry about.


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On MacOSX, Georgian characters are included in most of the standard fonts.

Using Keyboard Layout on your computer

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  1. Open "System Preferences" (The picture of the gears)
  2. On the first line ("Personal") click on "International"
  3. In the first tab: "Languages" click "Edit List," and add Georgian to your list.
  4. In the third tab, "Input Menu" chose "Georgian QWERTY."
  5. Close the Window.
  6. That's all. Once you've done this, a little flag ( for English, for Georgian) will appear in the top bar of your screen. You can use this to change languages, and as a shortcut to your International settings.

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