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More GNU Health Resources[edit | edit source]

Besides the GNU Health documentation on Wikibooks (which you are reading right now), there are several other resources for the GNU Health community.

Website[edit | edit source]

The official GNU Health Website can be found at

Mastodon[edit | edit source]

For regular news updates we suggest that you follow GNU Health on Mastodon at :

Matrix[edit | edit source]

GNU Health now has it own space at Matrix. The #gnuhealth-space contains the rooms from the GNU Health ecosystem. Is the easiest way to access. GNU Health space at Matrix.

The following GNU Health rooms are part of the gnuhealth-space. GNU Health general discussion room Discussion room for MyGNUHealth Personal Health Record Discussion room for Thalamus, the GH Federation message and authentication server

The link to the GNU Health space is :

Mailing Lists[edit | edit source]

There are several mailing lists for information exchange via email:

  • health: General questions and discussions about GNU Health
  • health-announce: GNU Health releases and events (read-only list)
  • health-dev: Development, requests and bugs
  • health-security: Security advisories around GNU Health and its components (read-only list)
  • health-i18n: GNU Health localization and translation
  • health-es: General questions and discussions about GNU Health in Spanish
  • health-fr: General questions and discussions about GNU Health in French
  • health-pt: General questions and discussions about GNU Health in Portuguese

To subscribe to these mailing lists, please visit

Telegram[edit | edit source]

The official GNU Health channel in Telegram is

Twitter[edit | edit source]

(Now replaced by Mastodon: Historical:

IRC Channels[edit | edit source]

You can find live help at IRC in the following channels:

  • #gnu-health: English

The official IRC GNU Health channels are now at Libera

For more information, please check

Development Environment[edit | edit source]

On August 26th, 2011, the Free Software Foundation adopted GNU Health as an official GNU project. Since then, the development environment is hosted at GNU Savannah. Besides the mailing lists, here you can post bugs, tasks and check out the latest development version.

Community Demo Server[edit | edit source]

This server is in Europe and serves as a demo server to practice and see a running system. You can find more information in the Online Demo Database section of this book.