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This page is a manual of style for the GIMP book. This is just an outline that still misses many things. If you don't agree with something, then start a discussion on the talk page. Do that as well if you want to add something (base was created without any discussion).

Naming Convention

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  1. Never shorten the titles of pages (like in Editing), but rather use full names (like in Selection Tools)


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  1. All images must begin with GIMP-.
  2. All screenshots should be in PNG format. This assures high quality of these, because PNG is not a lossy format.
  3. If the image is on some topic than try to make all images really related (like in GIMP/Toolbox (you can see that all tools have something in common))


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Always put any images, pages and templates in Category:Book:GIMP

Images on pages

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Try to put many, but not too much images. Also these should be placed well on page (again like in Selection Tools), possibly with some description. Images placed in the text should not be bigger than text (or not much bigger).

Overall look

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Pages should have some headlines, to make editing and reading easier. A great example of this are all tool pages.


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If you're putting a shortcut on a page make it bold (instead of "Ctrl" use Ctrl('''Ctrl''')). If there is no shortcut (Foreground Select), make it italic. Do not make anything bold in tables.

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Always put this template at the bottom of the page.


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There are comments on some pages, which contain information from a newer, unstable version. These should be uncommented once the next stable series are out (i.e. 2.8 after 2.6).