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Template:Chapter navigation

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Uses CSS and JavaScript to position chapter navigations at both the top and bottom of a page. Use template only once per page. The template adds:

  1. Top of page: Navigation for the previous and next pages of the book.
  2. Bottom of page: Navigation for previous page, table of contents, and next page of the book.
  3. Book category or optionally another category (e.g. a chapter) in its place, and sorts by chapter name.


{{chapter navigation|optional previous page name|optional next page name|optional category (if not book category)}}, or
{{chapnav|optional previous page name|optional next page name|optional category (if not book category)}} as shortcut

For first and last chapter of a book, leave first or second field blank respectively:

{{chapter navigation||next subpage name}} first chapter
{{chapter navigation|previous subpage name}} last chapter

Pages are added to the book category unless another category is specified as the third parameter.

This can also be expanded to list the chapters of a book. See {{Learning Theories/Navigation}} and {{Chess/Navigation}} for examples.


See Rhetoric and Composition/Narration for an example. The code {{chapter navigation|Description|Exposition}} is used at the bottom of the page.

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