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The GENtle manual

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The GENtle web interface lets you access DNA and amino acid sequences from NCBI, as well as publications listed at PubMed. The interface also covers BLAST searches.

NCBI[edit | edit source]

Chosing Nucleotide or Protein, entering a sequence name/keywords, and hitting Search/ENTER will show the NCBI search results for that query. More results (if any) can be browsed with >>.

Double-clicking an entry will download and open the (annotated) sequence.

PubMed[edit | edit source]

The PubMed option gives new entry fields for author(s) (written "Lastname Initials", separated by ","), and date limitations (years), as well as a result sort option.

Double-clicking an entry will open a web browser window with the respective PubMed abstract page.

BLAST[edit | edit source]

Running a BLAST search for a DNA or amino acid sequence will open a new tab in the web interface, showing a countdown for the time the BLAST results are expected to arrive. Once loaded, the results are displayed as simple alignments.

Double-clicking an entry will open the found sequence.