Future Media/Media Fads Vs Paradigm Shifts

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How can you tell the difference between a media fad and new paradigm shift that might have eternal consequences? What determines whether we should invest our time and effort or not?

Post the best of your seven "New Paradigm Shifts" in this space. Follow my example below by indicating your name and information source:

Eland: http://www.red.com/cameras

Digital video cameras are one of the hottest and most competitive products in the market. Over the years, billions have been spent in research and development by companies like Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon and a dozen more. How on earth did the CEO of Oakley sunglasses come up with a device that seems to have trumped them all?

The Red One camera shoots a better picture at less cost and seems to have opened the door to thousands of wanna-be's with talent that might be equal to Stephen Speilberg's. Affordable, phenominal quality video means that every paradigm in the film industry related to finance, distribution and profits has been turned on its head. Orders are so backlogged for the Red One right now that it will probably take years to understand what the real consequences of it are within the movie industry.