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WELCOME to the FUTURE, where advancements and changes in biology, electronics, engineering, and society result in many different futuristic scenarios that synergize into scenario-books. In this book, you will find a vast database of ideas pertaining to the discipline of futurology, as well as of current trends, various subject areas, and changes yet to occur. Are we speculative or are we scientific? We're both: we recognize the importance of scientific accuracy and practical realism, as well as that of drastic points of divergence, in the creation of our scenarios. Our guide to futurology provides an introduction to the discipline of futurology, while our standard timeline provides an introduction to the future.

We all dream of what the future might hold.
Help us grow the Tree of the Future by seeding the ideas, and
discover the future.

Table of contents[edit]

  1. Prologue 100 percent.svg
  2. Futurology <What's This?100 percent.svg
    1. Prophesy's Principal Practical Principles 100 percent.svg
    2. Four Future-Forming Fundamental Factors 100 percent.svg
    3. Ten Tenets to Technological Trends 100 percent.svg
    4. Accelerating Progress 100 percent.svg
    5. Certainty 100 percent.svg
    6. Concepts 75%.svg
    7. Prediction Methods 100 percent.svg
    8. Uncertainty 100 percent.svg
  3. General Predictions
    1. Biology
      1. Biotechnology 75%.svg
    2. Engineering
      1. War 100 percent.svg
    3. Informatics
      1. Artificial Intelligence 75%.svg
      2. User Interface 75%.svg
      3. Virtual Reality 100 percent.svg
    4. Politics
      1. Emergence of China 100 percent.svg
      2. Emergence of the EU 100 percent.svg
      3. Emergence of India 1 , 2 100 percent.svg
      4. New World Order 100 percent.svg
    5. Social
      1. Education 100 percent.svg
  4. Scenarios <What's This? 100 percent.svg
    1. End of Civilization 100 percent.svg
    2. Totalitarian State 50%.svg
  5. Quotes 100 percent.svg
  6. Links 100 percent.svg