Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

The story returns to the Rose Terrace Nursing Home on February 9, 1986. Evelyn brings Taco Bell and Ninny is excited because other than Franco American spaghetti, this is the first "foreign food" she has ever eaten. Evelyn is anxious to find out what happened to Idgie and Ruth, and she asks if Ruth did leave that summer. Mr. & Mrs. Threadgoode pleaded with Ruth to stay and help get Idgie through her senior year, but Ruth said she had to leave because she was getting married in the fall. Sipsey, however, said Ruth didn't want to leave because her pillow was wet with tears every morning. The night before Ruth left, Idgie took one of Buddy's trophies and broke all the windows in her room out of frustration. The next day, Idgie left and never went back to school. She only came home for weddings and when her father had a heart attack. Big George is now the only person that knows where Idgie is, but never tells anyone where she is out of respect. However, when ever Mrs. Threadgoode requests for Idgie to come by for a visit, he insures that Idgie receives the message.

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