Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe/Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

The story continues in Whistle Stop on August 29, 1924. Ruth knows the exact moment she began to love Idgie. It was the moment Idgie handed her the jar of honey. Until that time, Ruth had been trying to hold back her feelings. She felt she had to leave because at sixteen, Idgie couldn't understand the feelings and implications of those feelings. She felt the only answer was to return home and marry Frank Bennett. Idgie would get over her crush once Ruth was gone.

Idgie went crazy at the news of Ruth's impending marriage. Idgie was in her room smashing everything. Mrs. Threadgoode begs Ruth to talk to her but this does no good as. Ninny and Momma stood outside the door. Ninny had her fingers in her ears. Idgie screams at Ruth, telling her she can't love Frank. Ruth swears that she does, but Idgie doesn't believe her. Idgie goes into a rage Idgie demands that Ruth tells her that she loves her & Ruth saying that she doesn't & that Idgie only has a crush & will get over it. Things ends after Ruth slaps Idgie when she doesn't stop screaming, at that moment Ruth desires to hug Idgie, but knows that if she does she will never be able to let go & then leaves for her room.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

As shown in the last chapter, Ruth has come to realize that she is in love with Idgie. However, because Idgie is so young so she does what she believes to be the right thing to do, she leaves to marry the man she has been promised to, no matter how much she loves Idgie & believes that once she has gone she & Idgie will get over one another. However, when Ruth & Idgie begin arguing with one another, Ruth has a difficult time controlling what she truly feels & forces herself to leave, know that if she attempts to comfort Idgie, she will not be able to leave her.

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