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You are more than welcome to participate in this project! And you do not have to ask for permission to do so. Things you might want to do include:

  • Markup articles. You feel that the annotations given are not sufficient to understand a text? Well, add some more. Annotations are inserted using Template:C. {{C|ging|(to) go}} works out to ging, {{C|ging|gehen|(to) go}} to ging.
  • Evaluate articles. Articles are marked with either of the three templates {{:Freistil/Beginner}} Freistil/Beginner, {{:Freistil/Mediocre}} Mittelstufe  or {{:Freistil/Advanced}} Fortgeschrittene . You're free to change a text's markup if you feel it is more difficult or easier than the given hint.
  • Review articles. Force out typos, improve grammar and make translations more precisely.
  • Answer questions. Readers may ask questions on the talk pages of the articles. If you feel at home with the matter, try and answer them.
  • Make it printable. You're proud owner of a PDF converting tool? Use it! Grab an article per page, activities —if provided— on a second page. Upload the document to Wiki Commons and link it. A pretty table for linking will be available soon.
  • Vocalize articles. You're a native speaker of German? Record yourself reading one of the articles aloud, upload the recording as OGG Vorbis to Wiki Commons and link it. It doesn't matter if your voice sounds badly or you're a lover of dialect; people here need authentic day-by-day language, not vocal art. Pretty templates for the links will come up soon.
  • Write an article. Look out for an up-to-date topic (Wikinews is a good source) and copy-paste or compile a new text. Copy the formatting stuff from one of the existing articles. Use Template:Freistil/Header for the headline and text intro, Template:Freistil/Footer for the text outtro. Helpful tools to simplify creating a new article from scratch may be developed in the near future.

If you want to cooperate on a regular basis, no matter if you're a native speaker of English or German, just add your name to this list: