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What is Free Direct Instruction Reading 1 (Free DIR 1) Image:25%.svg

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Free DIR 1 is the teacher's guide for teaching reading at the first level. This can be started anywhere between ages 3 1/2 and 6 depending on ability of learner.

Each section is numbered and can be taught in one day. Each section also contains scripted instructions for the teacher. Most sections contain workbook pages and stories.

This program is probably not for children that have been taught to read but make many mistakes. It is difficult to "unlearn" some reading methods in order to learn phonics. Such conflicting methods include guessing at words or guessing the sentence or words from a picture. It could be that guessing at words takes less effort than actually trying to sound them out so it is difficult to replace the habit. Try Corrective Reading by SRA at that point.

How do I know the program is working?

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If your student(s) are progressing and mistakes are low (less than 10%), then you are doing well. If there are more than 10% mistakes there is a problem with either your presentation or with the verbage in the actual lesson. If the student has a learning disability, then some areas may need more firming or practice. Some fast learner can get a new concept in about 3 trials. Some slower learners can take up to 1000. Then there are many kids in between.

If typical students are making too many mistakes and progressing slowly and you know your presentation is good, try the discussion group to see if there are suggestions for improvement in specific areas. The talk tab at the top can get you there. There is a talk tab for each lesson. If you found a great solution that adheres to the Direct Instruction Rubric then either suggest it at the talk tab and/or make a modification to the actual lesson.

What order do I teach in?

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You will definitely want to teach this curriculum in order. Each lesson builds on the last.