Fractals/Iterations in the complex plane/slope

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It is an algorithm for converting 2D image to 3D


"three points are iterated for each pixel and then are used to create a three-dimensional surface. A vector perpendicular to that surface is used as the z variable and is passed to the coloring routine. When a Slope formula is used with the Lighting coloring, the result resembles a fractal surface being illuminated from above and to the side." Kerry Mitchell[1]


  • lifted domain coloring

Apply to[edit]

  • Mandelbrot[2]
  • Julia
  • Newton [3]
  • Kleinian group fractals[4]
  • strange attractors [5]


  • Ultrafractal formulas by Damien Jones in dmj.ufm and standard.ufm


  • ultrafractal[6]


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