Flora of New York/Legends

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Plantaceae – subfam. Plantoideae – tribe Planteae – subtr. Plantineae – genus Plantus – subg. Plantus
Plantus Plant N.Y. Status Images Distribution 1
Common plant Native,
AA Unranked nymap.svg


Taxon color codes[edit]

NY Status, line 1 NY Status, line 2 Distribution map
Native Secure
AA Secure nymap.svg
Native Likely secure
AA Likely secure nymap.svg
Native Vulnerable
AA Vulnerable nymap.svg
Native Very vulnerable,
AA Rare nymap.svg
Native Threatened
AA Threatened nymap.svg
Native Endangered,
Especially vulnerable,
Possibly extirpated
AA Endangered nymap.svg
Native Extirpated,
Likely extirpated,
No recent reports
AA Extirpated nymap.svg
NY Status, line 1 NY Status, line 2 Distribution map
Native Unranked
(or none)
AA Unranked nymap.svg
Introduced Canada native,
US South native,
N. America native
AA N Amer native nymap.svg
Introduced Impersistent,
No specimens
AA Impersistent nymap.svg
Introduced (none)
AA Introduced nymap.svg
Introduced Invasive,
Moderately invasive,
Somewhat invasive,
Widespread weed
AA Invasive nymap.svg
Introduced Highly invasive
AA Hi invasive nymap.svg
Introduced Very highly invasive
AA V hi invasive nymap.svg