Flora of New York/Glossary

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Glossary[edit | edit source]

fruit[edit | edit source]

berry[edit | edit source]

A berry is a simple fleshy fruit (such as a grape or tomato) in which all parts of the fruit are edible.

pome[edit | edit source]

A pome is a simple fleshy fruit (such as an apple or pear) with an inedible core containing the seeds.

drupe[edit | edit source]

Drupe fruit diagram-en.svg

A drupe is a simple fleshy fruit (such as a cherry, plum, or peach) that has a thin outer skin (exocarp) surrounding a fleshy mesocarp that surrounds a hard inedible pit (endocarp), which contains the seed. In aggregate fruits (such as raspberries), the individual sections are called drupelets.

hesperidium[edit | edit source]

pepo[edit | edit source]

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