First steps towards system programming under MS-DOS 7

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First steps towards system programming under MS-DOS7.

This book is for those who intend to seize the most intimate secrets of modern computer technology. In order to be understood easily, narration starts with some elementary explanations and examples, but its main part presents professional level data with all relevant latest updates. These data will be beneficial for both students and teachers on computer technology as well as for computer maintenance staff, system programmers and developers of x86-platform microprocessor equipment.

This book is distributed according to Attribution-NonCommercial Public License of Creative Commons organization ( ).


  1. /The PC keyboard
  2. /The command line
  3. /Internal commands
  4. /Configuration commands
  5. /Selected drivers
  6. /Selected utilities
  7. /Debugger's assembler commands
  8. /Selected interrupt handlers
  9. /Examples of executable files composition