Fire on the Limestone Plains/Bush Fires/John Gale Recollections

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John Gale - Recollection's [1][edit | edit source]

... The first bush fire in my remembrance was that of 1858. It swept all the country between Gininderra and Duntroon.

... Another extensive and extensive bush fire took place in 1865, where miles of log-fencing were destroyed in Gundaroo and Bungendore districts.

...In 1868 there was another serious outbreak of fire in the neighbourhood of Duntroon. 1888 extensive fires caused great losses of property and litigation's ensured, the plaintiffs in every case obtained judgements. ... on 31st of December, 1904, and 1st January, 1905, the worst fire experienced in the district broke out.

References[edit | edit source]

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