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Weapons are the primary means of doing damage to foes. Each hero is able to carry up to four weapons at any time, but may only have one equipped.

Axes[edit | edit source]

Axes are large, bulky weapons that use brute force to slam through enemies. Axes typically have a large, sharp blade attached to a wooden rod. They are commonly wielded with one hand, requiring an amount of strength exhibited only by Fighters, Knights, and Ninja. They are among the most powerful weapons, though are highly inaccurate and tend to be slow.

Daggers[edit | edit source]

Daggers are bladed weapons similar to but smaller than swords. Daggers are typically intended for piercing and stabbing attacks. They are among the most accurate weapons, though often lag behind others in damage capability. Nearly all daggers may be used by all character classes except White Mages or White Wizards, who are unable to use any edged weapons due to religious inhibitions.

Hammers[edit | edit source]

Hammers are large weapons that can be swung with great force in attempts to bludgeon foes. Because they are extremely simple to use and do not violate religious prohibitions against the use of edged weapons, hammers are usually the weapons of choice for White Mages and White Wizards. They are usually powerful if a solid blow can be achieved, but are notorious for their inaccuracy. It is rumored that the god Thor used a hammer that was ensorcelled to be more accurate than normal.

Nunchaku[edit | edit source]

Nunchaku (the word is both singular and plural) are exotic weapons that are commonly used by the Eastern monks known as Black Belts. The nunchaku is basically two wooden sticks or iron rods attached together by a short rope or chain. The difficulty in using such a weapon without the wielder hurting himself is so great that few are able to master it. A small sect of Ninja has been rumored to have learned the secret of the nunchaku from the Black Belts.

Staves[edit | edit source]

The Staff (plural Staves) is often simply a tall stick and serves as a status symbol for the mages of the world. However, staves are often enchanted with magical powers or increased strength. Some are iron-shod, while others seem to have magical energy concentrated at their striking ends. In any case, the staff is almost always wielded by a spell caster who has no need of weaponry to cause destruction.

Swords[edit | edit source]

Swords are among the most common weapons in the world. They are typically longer than daggers. Most swords are two-edged and used for slashing attacks rather than piercing ones. However, the term "sword" is a fairly loose one and covers everything from the standard short sword to the exotic katana and the holy masamune. The sheer variety of these weapons ensures that there is one for almost any occasion.