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Microsoft Office

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This book applies to version 2010 of Microsoft Office.

This book applies to version 2011 of Microsoft Office for Mac.
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Welcome to the Microsoft Office wikibook. This book aims to be a comprehensive reference for the use of Microsoft Office for Windows, Microsoft Office for Mac, and Microsoft’s Office Online and Office 365 services. While this book doesn’t teach basic computer skills or general Windows or OS X usage, this book will cover a few core techniques that complement the use of Microsoft Office. In addition, many of the concepts in this book can be applied to other office packages; however, please note that the Microsoft Office user interface is relatively unique, so if you use another office package, you’ll need to find ways of performing the same task that work in that program.

Table of Contents

Computing Basics

Windows 7 vs. Windows 8
Logging In & Out (WindowsOS X)
File Management Techniques


Create and Edit a Document
Spacing and Special Characters
Create and Edit a Flier
Create and Edit a Research Paper in MLA format
Create and Edit a Research Paper in APA format
Create and Edit a Cover Letter
Create and Edit a Resume
Opening a Word File as Read Only
Create a Proposal with collaboration
Edit your Cover Letter into a form letter with mailing labels
Create a Newsletter
Ribbon Reference (WindowsMac)


Excel Terminology
Navigating Cells
Working with Data
Working with Formulas
Making Beautiful Charts
Printing in Excel
Create a Workbook to Analyze your Field of Interest with Embedded Chart
Create a Personal Budget with functions
Create a College Expense Analysis Workbook
Troubleshooting Excel Errors
Loan Payment Amortization Schedule
Create a Pivot Table
Create a spreadsheet with lists
Create a spreadsheet with multiple worksheets
Excel Basic Exam


Create a basic two table database with reports
Create queries for a database
Using and updating a database
Creating Forms and Reports from multiple tables
Creating Sub-forms
Creating a data access point for the internet
Access Basic Exam


PowerPoint Terminology
Strategies for College Success
Creating and Editing a Presentation
Formatting Text Slides
Using Graphics and Animations
Creating a Custom Design Template
Preparing to Deliver a Presentation
PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcuts
PowerPoint Tips and Tricks


Create a Greeting Card
Create a Business Card
Create a Poster
Create a Banner