Microsoft Office/Create and Edit a Flier

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[edit | edit source]
  • Mouse Pointer
  • Scroll Bar
  • Status Bar
  • Ribbon
  • Home Tab
  • Active Tab
  • Groups
  • Gallery
  • Live Preview
  • Screen tip
  • Dialog Box Launcher
  • Task pane
  • Mini Toolbar
  • Shortcut menu
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Office Button
  • Menu
  • Submenu
  • Key Tip Badge
  • Formatting marks
  • Wordwrap
  • File
  • Folder
  • File name
  • Font
  • Style
  • Theme
  • Underline
  • Italicize
  • Quick Style
  • Color Scheme
  • Font Set
  • Picture Style
  • Resizing
  • Page Boarder
  • Document Properties
  • Keywords
  • Hard Copy

Word Document Window

[edit | edit source]

SCROLL BAR - Bar along the side or bottom of your window that allows you to display different portions of a document.

STATUS BAR - Bar at the bottom of the Word window that displays number of pages, words, and other document information.

RIBBON - At the top of the Word Window and proves easy central access to the tasks you perform.

HOME TAB - The primary tab that contains the most frequently used commands.

ACTIVE TAB - The tab that you are currently on.

GROUPS - A set of commands that are all related.

GALLERY - A set of graphic choices that display in a grid, like the picture styles.

LIVE PREVIEW - When you hover over a command it it shows what the change would look like.

SCREEN TIP - Note that appears and gives the name of the command.

DIALOG BOX LAUNCHER - A small arrow in the bottom right corner of a group that displays more options in a separate window.

TASK PANE - A window containing controls that can remain open while you work on your document. (like the "find and replace" box)

MINI TOOLBAR - Automatically appears based on the task you are performing.

SHORTCUT MENU - Menu displayed when you right click an object.

QUICK ACCESS TOOLBAR - Above the ribbon and contains save, undo, redo commands

OFFICE BUTTON - In the upper-left of the Word window, it displays the document management commands.

MENU - Anything you can click on that will drop down a list of commands.

SUBMENU - Menu commands with a triangle next to them that list additional commands.

KEY TIP BADGE - Appears by pressing the ALT key, gives the code you press with ALT to access it.

FORMATTING MARKS - Character that does not print, but shows what keys have been used (ENTER, TAB).

WORDWRAP - Type characters in a paragraph continually and the automatically flow to the next line.

Saving a Document

[edit | edit source]

FILE -A saved document

FOLDER - A place in storage to save an organize your documents.

FILE NAME - What you called a document when you save it.

File names can not contain:

  • more than 260 characters
  • /
  • \
  • :
  • *
  • "
  • <
  • >
  • |

Formatting a Document

[edit | edit source]

FONT - Appearance and shape of letters and numbers.

STYLE -Grouping of fonts, sizes, and spacing.

THEME - A set of unified formats for fonts, colors and graphics.

UNDERLINE - An emphasis placing an underscore below each character.

ITALICIZE - An emphasis causing a slanted appearance.

BOLD - An emphasis displaying characters thicker and darker.

QUICK STYLE -Predefined formatting or style set, such as: Normal, No Spacing, and Heading 1.

COLOR SCHEME - A set of 12 complementary colors used for text, background, accents and links.

FONT SET - Defines formats for two sets of text: headings, and body.

Creating a Bulleted List

[edit | edit source]

A bullet is a dot or other character (or picture) that is at the beginning of a paragraph used to highlight something of importance.

Working With Graphics

[edit | edit source]

PICTURE STYLE - Formatting to make more visually appealing.

RESIZING - To make bigger or smaller.

Creating Page Borders

[edit | edit source]

PAGE BORDER - Framing the contents of a document to give it a finished look.

Setting Document Properties

[edit | edit source]

DOCUMENT PROPERTIES - metadata - details about a file: author, title, subject, when created, when modified, ...

KEYWORDS - Words or phrases that further describe the document.

HARD COPY - The printed out document.