Microsoft Office/Opening a Word File as Read Only

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Open a file as read only with the main menu[edit]

  1. Click on File -> Open...
  2. Select the Word file
  3. Click on the arrow on the "Open" button
  4. Click on "Open as read only"

Open a file as read only from Windows Explorer[edit]

  1. In Windows Explorer, click on Tools -> Folder options -> File types
  2. Select the file type "DOC"
  3. The buttons "Modify" and "Advanced" should appear (if the buttons "Modify" and "Restore" appear, you need to restore the default configuration)
  4. Click on "Advanced"
  5. Click on "New"
  6. In action, write Open (read-only)
  7. In application used to perform action, write "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\WINWORD.EXE" %1 /h /n /dde (adapt the path to your installation folder)
  8. Check "Use DDE"
  9. In DDE message, write [AppShow][REM _DDE_ReadWriteOnSave][FileOpen .Name="%1",.Revert=0,.ReadOnly=1]
  10. In DDE Application Not Running, empty the field
  11. In topic, write System
  12. Click on "OK"
  13. Click on "OK" again
  14. Click on "Close"

Now, to open the file in read-only mode, right-click on the file and select Open (read-only)