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PVP advice and ruleset[edit | edit source]

Since the pvp servers merged, the universal rules are now those of the Rallos Zek server:

1. PvP combat can occur between any characters that are within a 4 level limit (not 6). For instance, a level 45 person may attack or be attacked by anyone from level 41 through 49. There are no other PvP restrictions, such as Race or Alignment.

2. Characters will be immune to PvP combat until they reach level 6. Characters below 6th level are not able to participate in PvP combat.

3. Characters will not lose experience when killed in PvP combat, under most circumstances, although the occasional loss of experience is to be expected. In the event that you kill or are killed by another player on this server, the loot rules consist not of coin or items, but of points (i.e. like LDON points). If you kill someone you get a percentage of the points that slain individual has. If you are killed, you loose a percentage of points based on the pker”s accumulated points. Thus, you could even wind up in the negative depending on the situation. If you are grouped and kill someone, the group will share in the slain player's points.

4. There is a “discord merchant” in the bazaar. You may purchase gear (inter alia) similar to gear found on DON merchants based on point values. Accumulating more points unlocks what you may see on the merchant (similar to the LDON merchants).

5. (for the de-leveler in you) All combat skills have their effective value capped at 2 levels above a player’s current level. Losing two levels will not cause you to lose any combat skill effectiveness. However, losing more than that will cause those skill caps to be lowered so that they remain only two levels above your current level.

6. Resistance debuff spells have a 50% increased effectiveness against player characters.

7. PCs can't be charmed or feared by other pcs.

8. /consider returns only three kinds of results when used against player characters: 'Green' means that the character is below your range. 'White' or 'black' means that the character is within your range. 'Red' means that they are above your range. 'In range' means +/- 4 levels.

9. Faction hits for PvP will be taken for killing characters within their racial hometowns. Killing a human in any human starting city will cause a faction loss with the locals. Freeport, Qeynos and Surefall Glade are considered starting cities for humans. All of Greater Faydark and Felwithe are considered the starting city for high elves and wood elves. Half elves have no starting city. Erudites have hometowns that match their starting cities. Other cities are not considered hometowns, despite being run and controlled by a certain race. For example, HighHold is not a human hometown. Thurgadin is not a dwarven hometown.

10. On Zek, PvP-related Play Nice Policy situations are expected to be resolved using PvP solutions. However, Non PvP-related Play Nice Policy issues, such as training, causing intentional experience loss, bind point, zone, and portal camping, as well as other various forms of harassment, are not permitted in the PvP environment.

11. With the advent of Shadowrest, you have no corpse as a result of death caused by pvp. Death to someone in pvp transports you to the Shadowrest. You will have rez effects, full life, no mana, and all your gear.

Note: edited and updated from http://everquest.station.sony.com/stats/sullonzek.jsp

As for "relieving the stress of other servers" I stuggle to understand what that means. If you like not being able to go anywhere without being consistently attacked, then Zek can help with that. If you like hearing "stfu newb... I'll pwn you and your mom..." etc, then Zek is the place for you. If you enjoy being jumped by groupmates after a task or mission, then you should sign up. If you like having more people than you ever have before on your Ignore list because you are entirely sick of the constant and consistent immaturity, swearing, name-calling, bickering, spamming, and whining, then this is the place for you. If you like seeing the unbridled selling of platinum and characters spammed on every single channel, transfer your character.

As for "paying back another innocent", I am sure everyone who can will do that to you.