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please try to post only specific things, like progression paths, dialogues or faction issues.

Credits to:

Felicite Belbold`Oloth (70 Necromancer - Firiona Vie), Gift of Darkness

originallly posted at: http://www.necrotalk.com/index.php?showtopic=4261

Gates Instances anyone can start:

Nederia's Landing, Eldros Danmor gives Forgotten Halls (scales to any level)

Barindu, Apprentice Ugranda gives Vxed and Tipt (fixed mob levels)(must be 60 to enter these zones)

Barindu, Gamesh gives 4 sewer trials (fixed mob levels)(must be 60 to enter these zones)

High Priest Diru Riwirn and Scribe Gurru are the two you interact with when working with GoD Sewers (as well as permanent flagging with Tipt/Vxed), for KT flagging purposes.

Kod'Taz, Ikkinz Group trials can be requested with a single person (soloing these is not really recommended, attempt it at your own risk). Some pre-flagging (dialog) may be required before you can even request Ikkinz1, I don't know for sure as I did all that before I attempted to request for the first time. You will have to pass 1 and 2 (and do the associated turn ins) to be able to request 2 and 3, respectively.

  • Group 1 - Singlular Might: Requested from Gazak Klelkek, near Martyr's Passage.
  • Group 2 - Twin Struggles: Requested from Maroley Nazuey, continuing along the path south from Gazak.
  • Group 3 - Tri-Fates: Requested from Kenra Kalekkio, south of the Temple of the Damned (first temple you see in KT, left and south of the zone in).

Omens Instances requiring 3.. Scale based on requestor's level, any other restrictions unknown to me:

Dranik's Scar, Grand Historian Gersh gives 3 different zones of "Dranik Hollows"

Ruined City of Dranik, Grand Historian Rygua different zones of "Dranik Sewers" and 3 different zones of "Dranik Catacombs"

LDoN Instances requiring 3 within an allowed 10 level range, minimum level 20 (scales to average in 5 level jumps at 68, 63, 58, 53 etc ? some weirdness over 65 still?):

  • Deepest Guk - camp in Southern Desert of Ro, near Wizard Spires
  • Miragul's Menagerie - camp in Everfrost Peaks, near river and alchemy vendor
  • Mistmoore Catacombs - camp in Butcherblock, near L`Fay zone line
  • Rujarkian Hills - camp in Eastern Commandlands of Man, at Shady's place
  • Takish-Hiz - camp in the Northern Desert of Ro, north from wizard spire just as the grass starts

Of course these days you use the Magus in the Guild Lobby..

4 selectable mission types (Rescue, Assassinate, Collection, Slaughter), normal and hard difficulty (hard adds 5 levels to the average), large number of unique instanced zones per camp.

LDoN Merchant List AllaKhazam's LDoN Zone List

DoN Instances requiring 3, minimum level 45? (scales to average in 5 level jumps at 68, 63, etc.):

Lavastorm, 2 DoN camps, many missions.. using portions of live DON zones for instances.

Either camp has general "Mission" NPCs, anyone non-KoS can get general missions. NPCs with Faction name in titles (ie: "Dark Reign Missions") require minimum faction (for all group members?).

DoN Overview Dark Reign Progression Keepers of Norrath Progression DoN Merchant List

Instances requiring 3 (scales to average in 5 level jumps at 68, 63, etc.):

-Savil Tranquilsong has made an important breakthrough in his work uncovering the history of Unrest and is looking for adventurers around levels 55 to 70 to assist him. Seek him out in the Butcherblock Mountains if you are interested in helping.

Necrotalk Unrest Instance Discussion

-Rumors have been circulating of increased activity around Hate's Fury and a growing discontent among the merchants of the Broken Skull Clan. A merchant in the Crypt of Nadox is looking to hire a few hearty souls around levels 55 to 70 to help keep the Clan in check.

Necrotalk Hates Fury Instance Discussion

-Guard Freklin in Qeynos Hills has gotten himself into hot water after being caught sleeping on the job and is now stuck on gnoll watch. He is looking for adventurers around levels 15 to 35 to help him get back into the good graces of the guard.

-The ancient necromancer Marnek Jaull has returned to the dark halls of Befallen and kidnapped the daughter of a paladin of Prexus for use in his evil rituals. Derin Mausrel, uncle of the kidnapped girl, has traveled to West Commons in search of adventurers around levels 30 to 40 to help him rescue his niece and destroy the necromancer once and for all.