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Authors[edit | edit source]

If you have contributed to this book, add your name here.

User:Xania - I've edited and created sections for phrasal verbs, articles, capitalization and adjectives

User:Tkorrovi - I copied the initial text here from Goold Brown's public domain grammar

Contributing[edit | edit source]

Both experts and beginners can help to improve this book. If you would like to help, the about page should tell you everything you want to know to help. If you don't have a lot of time to work on this book, there are two simple things you can do. Firstly, you can make sure that {{English in Use/Navigation}} is on every page. Type <noinclude>{{English in Use/Navigation|Previous subpage title|Next subpage title}}</noinclude> on the bottom of the page to include the template. Secondly, you are encouraged to comment on each chapter on its talk page. Don't understand something? Please say so so others don't experience the same problem! If you feel you understand the material on a page pretty well, write some exercises as practice. Be bold!

Templates[edit | edit source]

{{English in Use/Navigation}}[edit | edit source]

This template should be added to the bottom of each English in Use page by typing:

<noinclude>{{English in Use/Navigation|Unit name|Previous subpage title|Next subpage title}}</noinclude>

The five unit names are: Words and usage, Sentences, Punctuation, Other key topics, Appendices and a blank space for all other pages.

Example: <noinclude>{{English in Use/Navigation|Words|Nouns and pronouns|Adjectives and adverbs}}</noinclude> To see what this code yields, go to English in Use/Verbs.

{{English in Use/Exercise}}[edit | edit source]

Format: <noinclude>{{English in Use/Exercise|Title|Exercise text|Answers}}</noinclude>

References[edit | edit source]