Elementary Spanish/Unit1 Sec2

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Guided Practice: Verb Conjugations - Present Tense

In this section, we will discuss how regular verbs are conjugated in the present tense, based on their subject pronoun referent.

Guided Verb Activities

Present Tense Practice

Grammar Review: Part 3

Before working on the Activites, review Part 3 in the grammar companion for a general overview on subject pronouns and their corresponding verb endings.

Activity 1

In this activity, you will see an infinitive verb and a subject prounoun. You will be prompted with 4 options, to choose the appropriate conjugation.

Dialogue: Vocab from Story

In this dialogue, you'll hear a conversation between a mother and son about a problem he is having at school.
The dialogue uses many vocabulary items from the story we read in Section 1. Identify the nouns and verb conjugations.

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