ERP5 Handbook/Magic Simulations

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  • what are simulations
  • where they are used
  • what are their purpose
  • follow Yo guidelines from erp5-dev thread
  • base on Shufla's "Introduction to simulation system" ("Wprowadzenie do systemu symulacji") presentation from 2nd ERP5DevCon, February 2008, Warsaw
  • ...

Proposed TOC:

Simulations purpose[edit]

Decision and prevision[edit]

Example user-level scenario[edit]

Purchase Order[edit]

Purchase Packing List[edit]

Taken actions[edit]

Decrease quantity and adopt prevision[edit]

Decrease quantity and accept decision[edit]

Decrease quantity and split and defer[edit]

Technical stuff[edit]

Applied Rule[edit]

Simulation Movement[edit]

Other tools used with simulations[edit]

Delivery Builder[edit]