Donkey Kong Country/Levels/Gangplank Galleon

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This is the final boss fight with King K. Rool.

The Kings main attack is throwing his crown at DK, simply jump over the crown and land on his head. You can only hurt K. Rool when he tosses his crown because the crown will hurt when he is wearing it.

Each time you jump on his head he runs faster and faster, darting back and forth on the ship.

The forth time you land on his head, K. Rool will jump high above DK and cannonballs will start dropping where he lands. The fifth time you land on his head, two passes of cannon balls will drop, and the sixth, three passes of cannon balls.

Jumping on his head for the seventh time will knock him out. DK claps for you as the credits roll, however the credits end with "The End?" The game is not over yet as K. Rool wakes up and starts hopping around quickly. Use the roll attack to avoid getting squished. After three more times you jump on his head, King K. Rool stays down this time as you are rewarded with the last giant banana.