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Overall, there are approximately 1200 employees of Pacific Gas and Electric and 200 employees of subcontractors. [1]Several unions represent the workforce at Diablo, among them the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and the International Association of Machinists. Control Technicians and electricians who work for Crane Nuclear, one of many subcontractors, are represented by the IBEW Local 1245. [2] 1245 also represents PG&E meter readers, clerical workers, etc. [3] Local 639,which is involved with Diablo but is under "spring outage", also supports solar energy development as part of the overall energy industry portfolio. [4] This outage has been retracted as of June 10, 2011 [5] The outages are routine for maintenance and the complex process of refueling, and created 1,000 temporary jobs, according to PG&E. [6] One of the more illustrious figures on the Diablo Canyon labor scene is Mike Pellegrino, a longshoreman/writer who at one time was a labor organizer for the International Union of Security Officers; he contends that his efforts resulted in a large increase of union membership at DCPP. Pellegrino [7] Other workers are represented by the Plumbers and Pipefitters. [8]

According to a SLO Tribune interview with PG&E's Chris Johns, " tragedy in Japan has prompted more concerns from Diablo Canyon’s 1,800 employees than any other issue, Becker said. Plant managers are holding brown-bag lunch meetings with employees to address those concerns"[9].


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