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The playlists on Youtube of the development cooperation issues

In the Vrinda Project, the team interviewed different stakeholders to understand who contributes to the Global Agenda for Development and what are the challenges of raising the required resources. See ⇒ the List of questions we have asked.
We collected the answers and compiled them in 10 main issues where we compared the aptitudes of stakeholders from different nations while assuming responsibility for global development and inter-cultural dialogue. Each issue was then included in one of the 8 episodes of the Documentary where we illustrate the work in progress for the achievement of the 8 MDGs and we propose the establishment of 2 new development cooperation goals.
The discussion on the development cooperation issues is in progress and you are welcome to contribute.

In the main pages of the handbook we have defined the concepts, illustrate the work phases and shared the work tools. These are "authored" pages. Then we linked them to the "issues", where the testimonials give their different point of view. The manual pages define and enclose: the issue pages widens the scope and open the debate. The manual pages synthesize, the issue pages discuss. So we tried to generate a dynamic forward-backwards movement between questions and answers, thesis and antithesis, leaving the user to make the synthesis and make her/his own opinion.

Here, below are the issues and the indications of the Documentary episode related to each one of them.

The basic question

Actors and Other Stakeholders - Who is "on board" and why?

Cooperation - How?

Communication - How?