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Manage CSSQ (Cost, Scope, Schedule, and Quality)

CSSQ is the acronym for a project’s inextricably linked quadruple constraints: Cost, Scope, Schedule, and Quality. Its purpose is to to ensure that the project outputs are delivered with the expected quality in the time and cost limits defined in the project plan document.

See also The project triangle: seeing projects in terms of time, cost, and scope

CSSQ will need to be managed according to the processes established during Project Planning. The CSSQ is not static – although Project Planning is complete and has been approved, some components of CSSQ will continue to evolve as a result of the execution of project tasks. Throughout Execution and Control, as more information about the project becomes known and the product of the project is developed, CSSQ is likely to be affected and will need to be closely managed.

The purpose of Manage CSSQ is to:

The CSSQ Deliverables – the Project Budget, Project Scope, Project Schedule, and the Quality Management Plan are applied, monitored and updated during Project Execution and Control.


Project Issues Log Template

Project Change Request Template

Status Report

Project Progress Report

Evaluation Report Closure Report


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