Development Cooperation Handbook/Checklists/What to say in order to provide information about a project

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This list is a component of List of things to do in order to illustrate a project/action

Step 1: Access Information on Action/ Practice

  • Read Documents from the Web Site
  • Contact the Representative
  • Understand Action Context   

Step 2: Understand Action Rationale and Objectives

  • Needs Addressed by the Action
  • Expected Action Impact
  • Action Objectives
  • Action Outputs
  • Action Activities

Step 3: Identify the Stakeholders

  • Direct Action Beneficiaries
  • Indirect Action Beneficiaries
  • Groups of People/ Institutions Having a stake in/ Affected by the Action
  • Action Implementation Staff

Step 4: Compare Action Documents with Action Reality (Evaluate Action Implementation on-ground)

  • Evaluate ongoing and implemented Activities
  • Evaluate the quality of Action outputs
  • Evaluate whether Action has achieved expected objective (General and Specific)
  • Evaluate the achievement of Indicators  

Step 5: Collect Testimonials (Interviews)

  • Interview Stakeholders
  • Evaluate Action Impact on the Stakeholder's Behaviour/ Social and Economic Well Being/ Value in Community
  • Evaluate Action Impact on Target Community 

 Tool: Checklist of what to ask in order to obtain information about a project/action

See also: [Guidelines on identification and analysis of action stakeholders]]

This list is a component of List of things to do in order to illustrate a project/action

Other tools[edit | edit source]

Templates[edit | edit source]

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Checklists[edit | edit source]

Swiss sknife.png What to do in order to obtain information about a project

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

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