Dark and Light/Races/Wood Elves

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These elves consider themselves the upholders of pure elvish tradition, shunning their high elf and shadow elf cousins. Like their ancestors, the guardians of the forest, they maintain close ties with nature. With their powerful magic and perfect understanding of all things natural, they are masters in the arts of tracking and hunting.

Gender M/F
Alignment Dark or Light
Size 1.65m to 1.80m

Initial Stat Costs:

Stat Start Value Initial Cost
Str 12 7
Con 10 7
Dex 10 5
Qui 10 5
Int 12 5
Wis 10 6
Cha 10 7

Maximum Run Speed 25km/h - this is average

Classes available:

Way of life: With time, Wood Elves developed strong bonds with nature, leading them to build houses and towns in symbiosis with nature, under the rule of Neutra. Over the centuries, this synergy slowly altered the colour of their skin to green and brown tones. This has given them a very efficient camouflage in the deep forests they hold sodear.