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Druid[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

In order to choose the druid specialization at lvl 10, you need to select Healer when reaching level 5. (You can also just go directly to level 10 and select Druid, and the system ill automatically choose the Healer base class and open the associated skill trees.) The Healer base skills are the only healing a druid has access to right now. You have 5 heals: every single one is an upgrade of previous skill in the tree. It doesn't make sense to put even a single skill point in them as long as you are not involved in big clan parties or PvP, since you just don't need them.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Equipment

Druids cannot use heavy armor, even though they will be found on the front line. This means that your primary weapon is very important--this can be any usable melee weapon. A valuable tactic is to focus only on direct damage output; you can get protection from your surrounding pets.

  • Fighting Style

Druids don't get many offensive spells. The only kinds that you can skill are the two styles in the basic fighting tree. (At level 24 it's by far the strongest attack.) Your druid will need this if you want to kill monsters at a decent rate.

  • Melee

Druids are made for melee, since presently the only "Druid-only" skill is morphing into bears. The other skill path has a root, instant heal, and a teleport. Since melee is like the only reasonable tactical choice (some state that druids can be used effectively as rangers, but this is likely incorrect), you will need the fighting Direct Damage skills. Although they cost a large amount of Stamina to execute, this isn't a problem since you can quickly recover Stamina via potions or even just sitting down mid-battle (when possible).

  • "1 man army"

You can have up to 3 active pets. In addition to those, you may cast 3 summoned pets as a Druid and bring in 3 purchased pets, which make a total of 6 allied-MOB fighters besides you. From this, you can obviously conclude how easy the PvE part of the game currently is. Consider standing in the middle of a huge spawn of white wolves, for example, and just using the crossbow and next-target button to pull any monster around you. Leave the rest to the pets!

Hints and Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The druid class has not yet been perfected, and here are some things that are still not yet implemented correctly: when morphed into bear you don't have weapons or a shield displayed, so far its ok, but when the morph ends and you are still fighting, you are fighting with your fists (weapon and shield are equipped though and working fine) just a small animation mistake.
  • A good tip for every melee fighter including druids: if you have the basic combat Direct Damage skills as your main damage skills, make sure to start a battle using one of them -- and when you do so, make sure you are within a 5 meters range of your target. For example, if you fighting on a ramp on a hill, the distance to the monster isn't always the same as the UI states. If you cannot use the weapon Direct Damage skill, you wont be able to use it afterwards during battle. This is difficult to explain unless you've experienced it. Just try doing as stated with your opening attack so you avoid deadly surprises like the notorious "Target too far" error.
  • The Potion Creation skill tree

This is the Druid's healing path, but isn't currently available. It will be implemented with the official launch of DnL (in April 2006).

  • If you ever play a druid and have any mount available, please morph to a bear and mount on dragon, looks freaking hilarious, the best thing is that dragons cannot fly when you sit on them as a bear =) also funny is how the emotes are looking when morphed, the dance lol, or just sitting down is so well animated.