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Common Words[edit]

Yes: Da

No: Ne

My name is...: Zovem se... (lit. I call myself) or more rarely Ime mi je...

Water: Voda

Food: Hrana

I love you: Volim te

Next: Sljedeći

Fool: Budala, Glupan

Hello, hi: Zdravo (also means healthy), bok

Question Words[edit]

How?: Kako?

What?: Što?

Why?: Zašto? (lit. For what?)

When?: Kad? or Kada?

Where: Gdje?

Who?: Tko?

Which?: Koji?


See: Croatian/Main Contents/Level 1/Lesson 4


Months in Croatian usually have names of actions or things used in that month.

Month: Mjesec (also means moon)

January: Siječanj (Sječa means cutting)

February: Veljača

March: Ožujak

April: Travanj (Trava means grass)

May: Svibanj' (Sviba means dog wood)

June: Lipanj (Lipa means linden tree)

July: Srpanj (Srp means sickle)

August: Kolovoz (Kolo means cart wheel and voz means ride)

September: Rujan (Ruj means sumach)

October: Listopad (list means leaf and pad means fall)

November: Studeni (Studeni means chilly)

December: Prosinac (Prositi means to beg)


Colors: Boje

Black: Crna

White: Bijela

Green: Zelena (Zelje means: cabbage)

Blue: Plava, more rarely modra

Red: Crvena

Yellow: Žuta

Pink: Ružičasta (Ruža means: rose)

Brown: Smeđa

Orange: Narančasta

Gray: Siva

Purple: Ljubičasta

Beige: bež

Dark blue: Tamnoplava


Pen: Kemijska olovka (lit. chemical pencil)

Pencil: Olovka

Book: Knjiga

Notebook: Bilježnica

Physics: Fizika

Math: Matematika

History: Povijest

English: Engleski jezik (lit = 'English language'; shorter: engleski)

Physical education: Tjelesni odgoj (shorter: tjelesni)

Biology: Biologija

Chemistry: Kemija

Geography: Zemljopis (lit. earth-description)

Informatics: Informatika

Teacher, professor: Učitelj, profesor

Pupil: Učenik

Pencil-box: Pernica


Sister: Sestra

Brother: Brat

Mother: Majka (Majka is also used to say 'darling' or 'my love')

Father: Otac

Mom: Mama

Dad: Tata

Aunt: Teta, strina, Ujna

Uncle: Ujak

Uncle (in law): Tetak, stric

Cousin (female): Sestrična

Cousin (male): Bratić

Grandmother: Baba (Note: Calling your grandmother by this name can be considered rude since it can also mean something like old hag. However, it is used daily in some parts of Croatia)

Grandma: Baka

Grandfather: Djed (Although the more informal way is Dida, as most children call their grandfather such)

Grandpa: Djedica (It's usually called just djed)


Seasons: Godišnja doba (means: year ages)

Spring: Proljeće

Summer: Ljeto

Autumn: Jesen

Winter: Zima


Money : Novac

Bank-note : Novčanica

Coin : Kovanica (kovati means forging)

Croatian money

Kuna (0,14 of Euro, lit. marten)
Lipa (100 Lipa = 1 kuna lit. linden)


See: Croatian/Main Contents/Level 1/Lesson 11


See: Croatian/Main Contents/Level 1/Lesson 12


Willow : Vrba

Oak tree: Hrast (acorn : žir)

Beech : Bukva

Pine : Bor

Fir tree : Jela

Ash : Jasen


Croatian/Main Contents/Level 1/Lesson 15


Nouns are never used instead (For example: Fox fur).

Sweet: Slatko

Hot (temperature): vruće

Spicy: Ljuto

Cold: Hladno

Boring: Dosadno

Angry: Ljuto

Cute, sweet: Slatko

Ugly: Ružno

Beautiful: Lijepo

Scary: Strašno

Simple: Jednostavno

Hard: Teško

Light: Lagano

Heavy: Teško

Dangerous: Opasno

Strict: Strog

Round: Okruglo

Fat: Debelo

Skinny: Mršavo

New: Novo

Old: Staro

Dead: Mrtvo

Alive: Živo

Expressions, Phrases[edit]

See: Croatian/Main Contents/Level 1/Lesson 16


With : S (or sa)

On : Na

Up : Gore

Down : Dolje

Left : Lijevo

Right : Desno

Under : Ispod

Over: Preko (can also mean "beyond"), but better is iznad (above)

Upon: Nad

Beneath: Pod

Above: Iznad


Snap (with fingers): Puc

Small splash: Buć!

Sound door makes while being unlocked: Škljoc

Splash! Slap!: Pljus! (derived from pljuskati which means "to slap")

Thump! Hit!: Tres

Spit!: Pljuc!

Yawn!: Zijev! (derived from zijevati which means "to yawn")

Nock-nock: Kuc-kuc (derived from kucati which means "to knock")

Kaboom!: Bum!

Cough!: Kašlj! (derived from kašljati which means "to cough")

Munch: Žvak (derived from žvakati which means "to chew")

Animal sounds[edit]

Dog (Bark! Wuf!): Vau, Vau!

Cat (Miaow!): Mijau!

Rooster (Cock-a-doodle-doo!): Kukuriku!

Mouse (Squeak!): Ciju, ciju!

Frog (Ribbit!): Kre-kre!

Pidgeon (Chirp, Chirp!): Živ, živ!

Sheep (Baah!): Beee! or Meee!

Pig (Oink, oink!): Rok, rok!

Cow (Moo!): Muuu!

Duck (Quack, Quack!): Kva, kva!

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